Posted by Bazzaboo999

The remote screen goes to the login screen when I move the local mouse in Windows 10

Using Teamviewer 12 QuickSupport on a Windows 10 machine. The client machine is using Teamviewer to get remote support from AutoDesk.

When you connect to the client you can start a remote session ok but as soon as you move the mouse on your own machine the remote machine returns to the login lock screen. to be clear, the screen isn't locking up, you can click the lock screen and log back onto the desktop, but as soon as you move the mouse on your get the idea...

I've checked to see whether the lock the screen when the session finishes is activated and it's not.

Both machines are using accounts that are not local admins, although I've used Teamviewer in elevated mode as well - this simply means you can override some of the settings - the problem is still there.

 Any brilliant suggestions please?


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