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IP Address instead ID number

Hi all,

I live in the Netherlands and wanted to help an old man (75)in England, with no knowlegde of computers or what so ever. After his laptop was reinstalled, he wanted me to help him finding some stuff back on his laptop. I often helped him.

But when he gave me the ID number and pass word, his ID number was equal as his IP number so I can't login. Told him to uninstall Teamviewer and try again. Nothing seems to work to get a decend ID number.  He removed it with CC Cleaner and did also the registry part for the left overs. Sadly nothing works. Already filled in a commant somewhere here, after filling in the question list. And too bad, on FB no reaction on my question.

Any help would be apriciated, a bit desperate here.


Marianne (alias Marad)



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