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hello , i am from iran , formerly you did not block ip from iran , but since trupm (is stupid ) is president of usa , you did block ips from iran ,   but google and microsoft did not block ips from iran , they are american companies , you are a germany company but you did block ips from iran , in iran there is not copyright but for this also Microsoft not did block ips from iran , but you did , in iran so many people and offices of government and private, used teamviewer , and also in universities professors said  about and use from teamviewer ,Benz company also is from germany and works in usa and now in iran , but did not block work in iran
something that you do not know , maybe until spring Iran Join Universal Copyright  and a person who that is the loser is you , because people use another softwares now and They will get used to them
you also are stupid like trump
thank you
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