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Teamviewer fraud

To whom this may interest,

So not to long ago someone with faul intent used my computer by remote access. 

Just to keep things short. Is there any way I could check or the support team could check for the origin(source) of a certain established connection?

This person let me install the black window driver so that he could go his way on my computer. I'm somewhat new to teamviewer so I just followed his steps. Yes I know this is a very stupid action of mine to let a stranger access on my computer. But I have known him for quite sometime, so therefore trusted him. He hijacked my google password database and thus logged into my e-mail and PayPal and so forth. 

Are teamviewer connections saved or recorded for security reasons? Since I'm trying to get my stolen money back on PayPal.but it's really difficult since the only proof I have are chat loggs. 

Anyway I hope I was clear enough about this.

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