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Chrome Application - Prolonged Black Screen

I have unattended remote access set up on my host computer. Because I access the host computer from a controlled work enviornement (in which other Team Viewer Modules are blocked) the only workaround I have found is through using the Team Viewer Chrome Application. This has worked great for 6months until recently in the last month I go to log on and it stays on a black screen - never prompting for a password to enter. Sometimes, randomly the password option will pop up after 2-5 hours of sitting on the black screen, sometimes it just times out. I have found no rhyme or reason to this. Connectoins to host computer work using other modules on different connecting computers, Have tried Version 12 and BETA 13 on host and no difference. Are there any known issues on the Chrome Applicataion or changes inthe last month that may be causing this?

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