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Use Teamviewer for both commercial and non-commercial use


I've used TeamViewer for non-commercial use for a lot of years, since it all started and I've enjoyed it since!

However, I recently started working for a company who uses TeamViewer for commercial use and that's where the problems have started.

I uninstalled my current TeamViewer install and installed it again and choose "Both" for what my use is, Commerical and non-commerical.I've got a private TeamViewer account which I'm using for controlling my other computers at home and helping family members and I also got a commercial user from my company which I'm using to log in to help customers of that company. This all worked for a week until now when I'm currently getting this message when I'm trying to remotely connected to my computer at home from a Samsung Galaxy S8+: "Blocked because commerical use suspected", and the currently inlogged user on that home computer is my private user.

I kind of understand the message, if I would be logged in with my commerical license, but I'm only using that license a few days a week at most, and I'm logging out from my personal/private account when I'm using my commerical account to help customers, otherwise I'm always logged in with my private/personal TeamViewer account.

Is it not possible to use it in this intended way, I can't really understand the option to choose "both" when installating TeamViewer if so. Or do I have to do something to get it working the way I've described?

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