Posted by rodorr

High cpu usage on remote machine when the TeamViewer license window is minimized

I am running TeamViewer 13 on a Windows 10 host and a Raspberry Pi client. When running on the Raspberry client I get about 1 to 2 percent cpu usage when at idle and the TeamViewer License Box displayed. If I minimize the License window the cpu usage goes to 60% to 65% usage. When the box is minimized there is a little circle with blue arrows pointing left and right (the TeamViewer logo) that you can click to bring back the License box to full size. If I mouse over the logo but don't click, just hoover, the cpu usage goes down to the normal idle of 1% to 2%. As soon as I move the mouse arrow off of the logo my cpu usage goes right back up to 60% to 65%. I do not have graphics acceleration on the Raspberry Pi. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Thanks for your thoughts.

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