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Chat text leaves shadow while typing

text burn example


I have been having an issue recently, where my chat text would "burn" as I type it. When I backspace and type again, I notice the old text remains there, leaving a scribbled mess in my chat window. Once I send the message or leave the window, everything appears as it should. I tried uninstalling, restarting my computer and reinstalling. Attached is a screenshot example.

In case the screenshot does not work, here is a link to the image: Note that on the left you can see "burned" text, on the right you can see normal text, and in the center you can see what happens when I backspace and type again.

I have been trying to find solutions online, but it is a strange issue, and I any way I word it yields no results. Please let me know if anyone has this issue or has heard of it, or what I can do about it. Thanks in advance for any assistance or guidance!

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