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Remove inactive computers

I'm using TeamViewer 13 Corporate, and I've been using it for several years now. 

Many of the computers in our organization have been retired or changed out, but the naming convention for TeamViewer computer is the same for all of our users regarless if they've had one, two, three or even a hundred computers assigned to them.  Is it possible to add a feature that would allow you to search for computers that have been offline for a cetain time frame, like two or three moths for example?  Then from that list, be able to do a bulk delete?  I'm aware that the bulk delete has been asked for in many other posts as well, and it makes no sense to me that this feature would not be available by design.

Also, there are many computers listed in "Unnamed devices" folder, for one time connects I've used in the past, is there no way I can delete these from my system as well?  I'm just trying to make my console clean and relevant, but you guys seem to be tying our hands with these basic functions by only permitting us to delete computers one at a time.

I would apreciate any response from TeamViewer staff on this matter.

Thank you

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