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QuickConnect and/or Sharing Single Application

Hello glorious TV community,

I've scoured these forums, TV options/settings, and also the internet without much luck on figuring out a solution to my problem. Apologies if I've missed a thread.

My end goal is to be able to share a single application/window (or select windows) with full access without also sharing access to my entire PC. In otherwords, limit access to specific things I wish to share while keeping other things off-limits. After looking through manuals, I *think* QuickConnect may be the answer I'm looking for, but it's rather unclear exactly what it does and I'm not sure how to get it to work. 

As far as I can tell, you would assign a "Partner" access to a specific window using the double arrow button at the topic of the application you wish to share. When I click this button, no one is listed. My thought is that I need to find a way to add a "Partner", though I also noticed there seems to be a caveat about them being "nearby" (same network?) when you click on the double arrow button. Iam assuming they would need to have a TV account and I would add their account to my list of groups/computers/etc and they would become a "Partner".

Assuming the above is true, and with more assumptions made, once an application is successfully shared via QuickConnect, your Partner would have the option to select it from their own TV control panel (the main screen with options to remote, meeting, etc.). But, of course, I'm not really sure how all of this works or how it is supposed to work.

Any and all help on this would be appreciated, or other ideas how I can achieve this. I'm about out of ideas and I feel like I'm very close but am too unfamiliar with this feature to make it happen.

Thanks in advance,


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