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I cannot stop automatic updates from Teamviewer 12 to 13!! How do I stop this?!!

I have a lifetime license for Teamviewer 12, which is fine with me.  However, my desktop computer keeps auto-updating to Teamviewer 13 EVEN THOUGH I always select "No automatic updates" and "check for new version:  never" in the advanced options.

When this happens, I uninstall Teamviewer 13, re-install Teamviewer 12, immediately go into advanced options and select "no automatic updates" and "check for new version: never" and then a few days later BOOM, I turn on my computer one morning to find that I now have Teamviewer 13 instead of Teamviewer 12.

This is unacceptable.  Apart from the fact that I keep getting threatening messages telling me I'm not licensed to use Teamviewer 13, my laptop has Teamviewer 12 and when I try to access my desktop from my laptop, it tells me that it cannot because my desktop is running a newer version.  So the product is useless to me unless I also upgrade my laptop to Teamviewer 13, which I do not want to do.  I just want to use my Teamviewer 12 Lifetime license that I paid good money for without this sneaky attempt to punish me for not paying for an updated license.

Can anyone tell me why and how Teamviewer is autoupdating to a new version even though I expressly change the advanced settings to forbid that?  And how I stop this?



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