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Can't input my email and password in TW in android device

Hi i have the follow problem.

I have been using the Team Viewer app from my Samsumg S8 to control my PC windows 10, all use to work normally, but 5 days ago the app screen don't allow me to input the mail and password to access to my account.

I try by un install the app and install again, no results.

Try from a Huawei P8 lite, no results

Try from Samsumg S5, no results.

In the three cases from the devices that use android the app don't allow me to input my mail and pass.

But when i use other PC windows 10, can normally input, and access to control my other computer.

Could any one help me to undertand what is happeing with TW and why don't enable to input the email and password in my android devices.?, remember all works normally 5 days ago.



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