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TeamViewer changes audio settings when it should not

Hi community,

I am having a problem with TV13 and now also TV14. It changes all my audio settings, as soon as I joint or host a meeting. And that dramatically and painful for me.

Situation: My normal audio volumn is about 12%. When I join a meeting, it drops a little in loudness (I see the audio bar of TV panel, that there it is about 80%. When I put it to 100%, audio is back to normal.) But when I close the meeting session, my main audio jumps up to 100%. And as mentioned, my normal is 12% - I gues i dont have to mention how aching it is.

Secondly: I have a headset, and want to hear myself by activating the option of Windows. Doing the step above, my own voice gets also turned up to some unaccaptable level. I now cannot use that function any more since using TV.

Now my question:

Is there a way, to prevent TeamViewer to take ANY effect on my audio settings? The option in my sound card, to allow application to take control, is already switched of, but TV seams to override that.

I have Windows 10 Enterprise with
Creative Sound Blaster Omni (USB)

Thanks in advance

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