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After years of paying for TeamViewer, service getting worse and worse

I have been faithful TW customer, paying for every upgrade since v8, then subscribed since v13. TV has been mostly reliable, but that has changed with v14. I am unable to connect to over 40% of my clients during course of a normal work day. For different reasons. Sometime is says connecting.. for a while, then aborts. After few attempts to connect I get the red boot for aborting too often :((. At other times it initializing the display... forever. Then, when you finally connect (you know that would happen, because after Connecting, it says Authenticating), if you connect, the remote stops responding to input.. You have to disconnect and try again. Then it connects and usually stays connected.

This is not a bandwidth issue, or computer performance issue. It is happening regardless of OS I am connecting from/to (Usually fro W10 or Android to XP,7,10,2008,2012 and 2016).

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