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Transferring a File Through TeamViewer's VPN

Version 14.1.9025 in Windows 10

1. When transferring a 5G file through TeamViewer's VPN, network activity (in Task Manager's Performance Tab) shows in the "TeamViewer ethernet adapter" and the hardware adapter for roughly 5 seconds, everything afterwards is solely through the hardware adapter.  Is this normal or should everything being transferred show activity in the "TeamViewer adapter" as well?

2. The file transfer might take anywhere from 30 seconds to roughly 30 minutes, yet each time they compare without error with the original file using Beyond Compare (binary comparison).  Why would there be such a discrepancy in transfer times between the same 2 computers in the same room (lab. environment) with otherwise no traffic increase through the switch?

3. When experimenting with this procedure last year using the same OS and TeamViewer 14.0.13880 the transfer took hours (at the time I didn't use Task Manager to monitor throughput to see which adapters were being used), so I don't know if it should normally take this long.  Is this more indicative of what should happen?

4. Has there been a change since version 14.0.13380 to account for the speed increase?



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