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Teamviewer 13.2.26558 Teamviewer_Service.exe is crashing under WIndows XP

Hi Teamviewer Support,

I have been getting messages about needing to update my Teamviewer installions but I always clicked on "Remind me later".

But today the message changed and there was no option to remind me later. So I updated my Asus Ultrabook laptop to 14.1.9025 (from 12.0.1232598)..

Then my XP desktop machine would not connect to the latop and Teamviewer suggested I updated the desktop. I let Teamviewer do it, but it failed and said to look in the error log (which I could not find).

So I downloaded version 13.2.26558 using the laptop and copied it to my XP machine using the "Share" folder. I didn't want to go straight to v 14 as I thought it less likely to be compatible with XP. I didn't realise then that 14 should work.

So I then tried to install v 13 on my XP machine. 

Three MS Visual C++ errors were displayed during the installation:



TV 13 1.jpg

Then an error about the service unable to be started:

TV 13 2.jpg

and finally a fatal error which occurred each time I tried to run Teamviewer.:

TV 13 3.jpg


I then read that Teamviewer v 14 should work with XP so tried it too:

TV 14 1.jpg

But got the same 3 errors

TV 14 2.jpg


and the "Teamviewer could not be started" error

and the fatal error:


TV 14 3.jpg

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. 




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