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Does not work for games

Teamviewer does not work for game programs. I'm not expecting to play the game at high frame rates, but only to be able to log in on another machine on my lan to fix something in a game on another system on my LAN.

The display works fine. The problem is the mouse and keyboard. The mouse is uncontrollable. The camera spins and it is impossible to direct the character to move. Using WASD keys to move the character cause jerky movments.

To test this, simply use any free PC game such as Wow Starter and connect between two machines on a LAN using Teamviewer. You will see that it is impossible to control the character. Again, I am not expecting good performance, but only acceptable control of the game to change a setting or to be able to help someone who is playing and is confused.

Teamviewer works fine for all other applications that I've tried.

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