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Account deletion


I want to close my Teamviewer Account (not this account, it's just a synonym because of login problems)

I can't login to delete another account that i used first because after the successful login i have to confirm this PC trough an email, wich doesn't exist anymore.

I tried to send a mail to wich is given in the imprint - No answer

I tried to call the support - "Login to" -> I have to confirm the mail

Now i created this account to delete the first account: applause Teamviewer

Please understand that i am annoyed so following:

I have the right to delete the account data if i terminate the contract (§35-2 BDSG)

For terminating i have to authenticate myself as contract partner of teamviewer. I did this with the combination of email and password.

I can understand, that you doesn't support telephone for private users but you should support at

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