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Disconnected when using MS Office Quick Access Toolbar

I use Teamviewer frequently to connect to my personal server on the opposite side of the room when I'm on my laptop and love the convenience of not having to get up and walk 10 feet. I know. I'm lazy, but I still love the convenience. But I recently started having a problem. When I click on any of the buttons (undo, save as, etc.) on the Quick Access Toolbar in any of the server's MS Office applications it throws me out! Reconnecting is easy enough, but if I need to do it repetitively it gets to be sort of annoying. For instance:

I have an Access database on that server that I use to generate a serious of reports. I've customized the Quick Access Toolbar to include the "PDF or XPS" button. When I click on it through a Teamviewer connection that connection is terminated. When I reconnect the Windows Explorer window used to determine the location and name of my file is ready and waiting for me and I can proceed, but when I go to do the same thing for the next report in the series of 15 reports that I need to generate it does the same thing.

Has anybody else experienced this problem?

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