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itbrain backup : restore older set


i am using airbackup and i am testing itbrain backup now.

what i am missing is the possibilty to select a former (earlier in time) whole backup-set i.e a restore-point in the past that restores all the files of the backup (selected folders /and/or files within that backup)

why must we be able (as in airbackup => see picture) to select a former backup set?

imagine your machine get infected by malware in form of ransomware that crypts all (certain) data on your disks. until someone recognises this fact there may have happened already one or more (scheduled) backups with itbrain backup. THESE ARE WORTHLESS now! so you must be able to go back in time and EASELY select a whole/partial backup of the former time-point. this is not possible in the current version of itbrain backup RESTORE



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