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Screen Skew

I installed Teamviewer on a Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential on 5/15/17 and Windows 10.  When I remote into the tablet, I am able to click on icons and maneuver around, but the screen has skewed as if the horizontal sync isn't right.     The right edge of the tablet screen appears to be located in the middle of the remote view, and each level of icons skews to the left until it wraps around back to the middle of the screen.    If you click on the remote view, where the original icon is, things are fine.  But the display is completely wrong.  If you see that Black and Yellow icon, that is the Kestrel LINK app for reference.  It sits on the right of the tablet's screen.  When I'm remoted in, the quality and scaling options do not make any difference at all.  Changing the monitor resolution doesn't seem to do anything either.



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