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Any way to paste the Windows logon password?

I set up Teamviewer 15 for unattended access to various Windows 7 computers, and granted myself Easy Access so I can connect to them just by double-clicking them when I'm signed in.

The computer has to be locked when I'm not using it. So I configured the target hosts to allow Windows logons.

When I connect to the machine in Teamviewer, I select the user at the Windows logon screen and am prompted for a password.  I copy the password from my password vault, but have no way to paste it. CTRL+V doesn't do anything, and I didn't see anything in the Teamviewer toolbar like "enter contents of clipboard" the way it has "Send Ctrl+Alt+Del". Clipboard sync is enabled in options. So I'm forced to type the password by hand.

Is there anyway to fix this?

For comparison, Remote Desktop asks you for the Windows password locally before you start the session, so you can use paste. That approach would've been great when TV detects a locked remote computer.

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