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After upgrading TeamViewer on Mac to version 12.0.78517 from earlier 12.x, sound turns way down

Dear TeamViewer community,

I've been using TeamViewer for a couple of years now and I mostly use it on my MacBook Pro, currently running osSierra 10.12.5, to remote access my Dell laptop, currently running Windows 10 Enterprise.  I always carry my MacBook Pro with me and leave the Dell laptop at home.  When I need to access the latter, I use TeamViewer and I've been very happy with this setup during the past years.

Before upgrading to TeamViewer 12.0.78517 on both my MacBook Pro and Dell laptops no later than yesterday, I could listen to music or watch a YouTube video on my Mac even while a remote control session was open to access my Dell laptop.

Since the upgrade, however, as soon as I begin a session, the sound volume on my Mac turns down to a level which almost makes it imperceivable (at first I thought there was no sound at all coming from my Mac).  I tried increasing the volume on my Mac, applications and YouTube in all possible ways I could think of, but even with all the sliders set to the maximum, the sound remains way too low...  Connecting headphones doesn't resolve the problem either. 

As soon as I close the remote session, the volume on my Mac is automagically restored to a normal level.

Anyone else experienced this issue ?  Any advice on what I could possibly try, besides uninstalling TeamViewer on both computers and re-install the previous 12.x version ?

Thank you in advance for your kind replies !



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