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Connect by LAN failing

I've always had good luck connecting through my home network to other computers on my network.  I was using TV to set up a new computer and suddenly it quit allowing connection by LAN. Getting the error: "Could Not Connect To Partner".  Just installed computer, so TV is version 15.2.2756, (on both computers).  It works one way (from new computer to old, but not the other way, old computer to new.  I tried to connect two other computers at my daughters house, both also running TE 15.2.2756, they will not talk either direction LAN to LAN, but both accept connections from computers and contacts and partner ID.  Any clue on what to check/change?  All computers running Windows 10, and all connect using partner ID.  Windows firewall?  Nothing has changed on home router.  I've shut down TV, tried setting Lan connection to deactivated, accept and accept exclusively, restating TV after each change.  No luck.  

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