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Not Receiving Activation E-mail. STILL NO EMAILS!

Dear community members.

Teamviewer has been absolutely disgraceful in its level of service throughout this difficult time. 

I have been extremely active in the community relating to this issue and here's my latest update. 

A moderator messaged me to say that the orders I made were "abandoned "and that they need to be reordered. However, I actually deliberately didn't close the "Success page" this time. The page that comes up after you place an order. I also see that every time I made a purchase, the money has indeed come off my credit card.

And next I see that they announced the email issue is fixed. Hilariously disgraceful. Its not fixed at all, they just haven't bothered to investigate it seems. 

Oh and again, I was promised a phone call was being arranged for today. I was told in my ticket that the Sales Manager was allocating someone from the sales team to call me and resolve everything over the phone. Of course that never happened. They just say whatever they can to get you off the phone. 

In fact, they actually just changed the status of my ticket to say that its awaiting my response...? 

Literally think support just want to sweep everything under the rug. 

I have even said on call to support that we can deal with the failed orders later, and refund them. But what is much more urgent is that I get these licenses so our staff members can work from home. Nobody in Teamviewer has done a single thing to assist. It's all just placating to get you off the phone with them. 

An absolutely disgustingly terrible level of service. I cannot express how frustrating this entire process has been as a customer.

My experience with Teamviewer support has so far included: blatant lies, several "misunderstandings", ineptitude, rudeness, 4+ hours on hold and not an inconsequential amount of money taken from my card without licenses being provided.

I want to urge people who have not yet placed an order to avoid doing so. These are stressful enough times without having to deal with a level of service that frankly is devoid of logic and categorically inadequate. 

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