Posted by frankhovin

Black screen not working (Windows 10)

This seems to be the oposite of the common problem:

I'm unable to show a black screen on the computer I'm connecting to.

I can select "disable remote imput" - which works, and I can also select the "show black screen". Bu this does nothing. On the remote computer, the input is disabled but the screen shows everything.

I've also tried selecting the "enable black screen" option in the tw options on the remote computer, but when I do this the client cannot even connect to it: It hangs forever on "initializing display parameters".

Anyone got any ideas? I was about to buy a license for TW when I noticed this, and it's a complete show stopper for me. There's no official TW help to get either, since I haven't bought a license yet.

I've tried installing and reinstalling the TW monitor drivers on both machines, but TW doesn't even appear to be TRYING to black the remote screen.

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