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Audio quality depreciates when connecting via TeamViewer

Hi everyone,

I've been using Teamviewer between my Windows machines for years. I recently got a Macbook Pro, and have been using it to connect to my Windows desktop at home. Everything with the remote connection and control works perfectly.

However, I often listen to music on my Macbook while connected to my Windows computer. Whenever I open a connection through Teamviewer, the audio quality on my Macbook becomes considerably lower. If I close the connection, it reverts to the normal, crystal clear quality.

I've tried every setting that pertains to audio in the Teamviewer settings on both the Windows desktop and the Macbook, including disabling audio from the remote computer, but to no avail. I also ran into the same issue when opening the preferences on the Mac and going to the audio tab (without having an open connection to the desktop). 

Any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated!

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