To establish a licensed connection with TeamViewer apps for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8/RT, and BlackBerry), a licensed TeamViewer account is required.

You need to activate the TeamViewer Premium- or Corporate license for your TeamViewer account in order to do this.

1. Open the TeamViewer Management Console and log in with your TeamViewer account. To do this, log in using your account from the Computers & Contacts list.

2. Click on your user name and open Edit profile.

3. Click the Change license link under General.

4. Enter your license number in the text field and click the Change license button.



--> You can now log in to a TeamViewer app with that account.

1. Open the TeamViewer app on your mobile device.

2. Select the Computer tab.

3. Enter your account information in the text field and click the Sign in button.

4. You are logged in to the TeamViewer app with your account.

You can now use the TeamViewer apps in a commercial environment.

Characteristics of the TeamViewer Business license

In order to use the business license on your mobile device, you need to link a TeamViewer ID to your license in the TeamViewer Management Console. The device with this related TeamViewer ID can then be used for commercial purposes.

To do so, link your business license to your TeamViewer account (as described here).

You have linked your business license to your TeamViewer account and a device.

Note: You can find the TeamViewer ID of a mobile device in the settings of the TeamViewer app.

Note: This is not supported for the TeamViewer QuickSupport App (iOS, Android). For commercial connections to the TeamViewer QuickSupport App, you have to use a licensed TeamViewer account and a Premium or Corporate license.

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