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Deployment questions

I am in a trial enterprise license and trying to prove out security and config before completing the purchase. I'm having trouble with a few things in the deployment process.

1) How do I get the monitor driver and printer driver to install as part of deployment and not have to be done after the fact?

2) For the new customblackscreen option... I have seen that the following registry entry is needed, but I can't find any other info about it. i.e. that wow6432 node is for 64 bit machines. What is the registry entry location for 32bit machines? What file types are supported? Width and Height limitations??? Does the WxH scale or does it have to match the monitor settings

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TeamViewer\CustomBlackScreen String value

I think I have the rest of the deployement and scripting worked out other than those things. I'll have to start another thread for access control and our wishlist and how to get it working the way we want.