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Web Monitoring - add emails

Does anyone know how I can add multiple emails to a Web Monitoring alert?   It looks like it'll only send it to the email account I have registered to log in.



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  • Karlen
    Karlen Posts: 74 Staff

    Hi MINetops,

    Thanks for using Web Monitoring!

    To add other emails you first need to be sure that those emails have a TeamViewer account.

    1. You have to sign up to TeamViewer with that email.

    2. Add the Email address to the Contacts list (see attached files 1 and 2).

    3. After you can add the Email to the Notifications field (see attached file 3).

    4. You will get contacts adding acceptance email (see attached file 4).





    Product Owner, Remote Management services
  • Got it. 

    Is it possible to add an email without creating an account?   I'm trying to get it to email phone numbers via Verizons email to text feature (*phone number*   Creating accounts for these might be tricky as they have a 160 character limit etc. 

    Ideally we'd just add SMS but I was told that's not availible at this time?  If we could just get 5 or so emails added without creating accounts, that'd be great.


  • The issue is when registering the email (text),  160 char I cannot get the link to activate the account.

  • Tom_Mazzotta
    Tom_Mazzotta Posts: 1


    I'm migrating my monitors from the Monitis system and the email restrictions with TeamViewer's system makes the system unusable. Previously I used the system to monitor resources for my clients. For the alerts, in addition to sending notifications to my email, I had configured the system to email my clients as well as using Verizon's email to SMS feature mentioned by MINetops. Obviously I don't have the ability to validate accounts for my clients' email addresses and they may not need/want a TeamViewer account.

    This limitation basically makes the system unusable for consultants like myself. Is there an easy fix short of finding an alternative monitoring solution?

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