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Server reboots for patching

I'm new to using TV monitoring so maybe this has already been discussed.  In addition to the servers themselves, I also monitor specific services on each of them based on their role(s).  When my servers reboot for patches I get a flood of alerts from not only the servers themselves (because the longest time I can set the online policy for is 10 minutes) but also alerts for each of the services that I'm monitoring.  Once the servers come back up I get all the alerts all over again, but as recovered/online.  Each of these alerts in turn becomes a ticket in my ticketing system.  I've created a policy to shut off all alerting for when I'm doing work on the server(s) and know I have to reboot them but short of doing that every Saturday for patches and then undoing it Sunday, I haven't figured out a better way of managing these alerts during normal reboots for patches.  I am using the patch management module as well so I would have thought there would have been an internal solution already but haven't found one yet.  Has anyone come across this and how have you managed it?

Dan Snyder

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