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When I make someone Presenter, Participants start dropping.

When I organize a meeting and everyone is connected, on average 22 people, and I make someone else presenter that is not logged in with the account credentials participants start dropping, It seems as though anyone without the license even if in the same office is made presenter they are limited to about 10 ~ 14 people. All the remaining particpants are then unable to reconnect to the meeting until I am presenter again. Is this a bug with the program or something else?

FYI, We have a 1000 MB, not Mbps, direct fiber into our building and bandwidth usage during meetings is only about 5%, yet this always happens. I also have all our external sales reps connect to their home Wi-Fi vs Cellular connection to ensure stable connection but it never fails. We have people being disconnected almost immediately and unable to connect until I become presenter again. Also, it doesn't matter who I make presenter within the office.

Thanks in advance!