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Uninstall Enpoint Protection on Mac

I would like to know how to uninstall Endpoint protection on my mac.  It starts during startup and will not allow me to shut it off long enough to delete the app.  


  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,677 Moderator

    Hello @Burley365,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! ?

    To uninstall Endpoint Protection on your Mac, you need to click on your device in your Computers and Contacts list and untick the Endpoint Protection button:

    2020-11-04 16_27_30-TeamViewer Tensor.png

    The button should switch from blue to grey. Once it is grey, Endpoint Protection is uninstalled.

    I hope this could help. ?
    If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. ?

    Stay safe and sane! ?


    French Community Moderator
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