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'Blizz User Management' moved but NOT possible

"Blizz User Management has moved" but I CANNOT change any blizz licence details under the new address:
I urgently need to move one of our five COMPANY licences from one user to another within the next six hours.

Please advise how this can be done now (after the 'old' page is not wokting anymore)


  • AntonMalyshenko
    AntonMalyshenko Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Today I faced exactly the same problem. My support call to the developer was unsuccessful. My question was not understood and they hung up. Together with a colleague, we figured out how to do it. But the question remained open: it was possible for the developer to describe how to do this, and not just broadcast to the site in the old interface. I will not describe this process, (I have a Russian interface) I will try to attach screenshots, I hope everyone will understand how ...