Unable to assign a device to a group

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I'm following the instructions found at: https://teamviewer-iot.com/en/inventory/add-device for a RaspberryPi Zero. All goes well until I execute the command to assign the device to a group using: teamviewer-iot-agent assign -t xxxxx -g $'Iot'

I've searched and am unable to find what I'm guessing is a token for use with the -t option. (I don't even see -t as an option in the help -- so no help there.)

I've tried the assign command using the account password for the -t option, but that fails with the below error:

2020/11/11 09:20:44.837 2743 **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** !! DeviceAssignmentStarter::Run: device assignment failed - WebAPI failed to perform requested action - invalid_token (2), Wrong bearer token format., Errorcode=2

Can someone point me to some instructions to get me past this hurdle?

Thanks in advance.




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    Hello @inmanlb 

    You can see the token, by clicking on your account name in the TeamViewer IoT MCO and from the drop-down menu select “Assignment Token”.

    All the installation process of the TeamViewer IoT Agent you can find here


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