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TVM crash and OBS camera

Hey there,

I tried several settings, but everytime I'm trying to change the camerasetting to camerasource OBS Camera, TVM crashes. There are no further informations about possible problems. I already sent a feeback including the logfiles.

It's annoying, becaus with any other webmeetingtool - such as Teams, **Third Party Product** etc. - the OBS camera works fine as videosource.

Hope, that there'll be a solution.



  • brianrdj
    brianrdj Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I am having similar problems.

    When I launch OBS(ver.26.0.2) virtual camera, and then launch TVM (ver 15.12.9BL) the TVM camera feed freezes on my end, and the client on the other end just sees white screen.

    Using Canon SL3 and Canon EOS utility.