False positive offline notifications

All of a sudden over the last few days, my servers are randomly reporting offline.  When I check the affected server it is online and I can find nothing in event logs or anywhere else to account for why I am getting these notifications.  In all instances, I am also no longer getting a notification that the server has ever recovered and is again online.  I viewed TeamViewer logs on the affected servers and all they ever tell me is that communication with client.teamviwer.com has failed but doesn't give a reason.  Has anyone else had any issues with these types of false positives? 

Dan Snyder


  • Karlen
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    Hi, Dan Snyder!

    Thanks for using Remote Management.

    This is a known issue we are already working on it.

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  • Atrix
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    Hi Dan, this has just started (in the last week) happening to over half of the Servers we monitor. TV are still saying it is known issue and they are working on it :( they say it may be resolved by the end of Q2 this year. Pretty poor in my opinion.The frustrating this is that if a server does go offline, because of the false posititve - TV will not report as it already thinks it is offline.

    I have only recently come over to TV for monitoring and am now seriously querstioning why.