Raspberry Pi - Remote Control like VNC?

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I like to remote control a 'Raspberry Pi Zero W' with TV like I could do in LAN with VNC - with keyboard and mouse as shown at the Raspi HDMI output. But it looks like, this is not possible:

Thanks to the good instructions here in the Support forum I managed the raspi device registration, enabled file transfer and remote terminal control. I also succeeded to see the frame buffer (FB) - but of course without mouse control (as explained in the link above). And I started to get remote control via the X11(XVFB) Server, although currently getting a black screen only with some mouse control. But from the X11 method descripton I think, this is not leading to my purpose: It will open and use a new virtual frame buffer and will never show the frame buffer of the HDMI outout (If I understood it right). So my question is:

Is there a possibility to remote control the Raspi with TV with Mouse/Keyboard/HDMI-Output, like it is common use with e.g. windows PCs (or like VNC in LAN)?

Thx for your support!