Surface Pro X (Arm) Support


Hello everyone,

Just curious if anyone else has been successful in getting TeamViewer Endpoint Protection to on the new Surface Pro X (Arm) computers?

I was able to get the IT Monitoring endpoint installed (haven't actually tested or checked yet if its working or not).

I tried a few things already;

  • disabling Windows Defender completely
  • disabling Windows app control to allow 3rd party app to install
  • removing the bitlocker on the computer
  • reinstalling the entire OS with a Windows 10 Pro
  • even tried manually installing the Protection Endpoint with the .exe installer from the temp file

but nothing worked for me.



  • adsc
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    Have you managed to install TeamViewer on Microsoft Surface Pro X device? or it doesn't support Surface devices

  • ICSmart
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    Ya i was able to get TeamViewer installed no problem its just any of the other services such as IT monitoring, the online backups & TeamViewers antimalware installed which all get rejected because of the ARM processor used on this particular model.

    I've successfully installed TeamViewer and everything else on other models such as the Surface Pro 6, 7, etc.. Just not the Surface Pro X and as you can see I have yet to get any response from anyone or a TeamViewer rep on this post so I have a feeling their not going to go out of the way to provide support for that model

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    Thanks for your reply and for sharing your experience.

    Well, I've searched a lot but also couldn't find anyone confirms that TeamViewer works on Surface Pro X, in addition many windows applications can't be installed and if installed they don't work properly, even Microsoft site it self says there is a software compatibility problem due to the fact that the device is ARM chipset, so any software need to be installed on Surface Pro X model should be ARM-Based compiled software.

    Therefore, I've dropped the choice for this SP (X) model and bought Surface Pro 7, it's true the X model has much better hardware specs but the Pro 7 wins the software compatibility.