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Hi there,

In the TeamViewer Support Forum, you can ask questions or start a discussion.

Here is a bit of background: While your questions will get answers, your discussion will receive comments.

Pretty straight forward, right?

The great thing with the answers to your questions is that you can decide what's the best answer to your question and this one will be highlighted as the Best answer directly underneath your questions.

This allows others to quickly find the best answer you accepted.

And on the recent discussion list and when browsing the boards, everyone can quickly see whether a question has been answered or even got an accepted answer.

1) The question has been answered by another Community member:

2) One answer has been accepted as the best answer:

So - whenever you post a question, make sure to accept the best answer to help others and appreciate the one that helped you best.

To accept an answer: You can accept an answer at the bottom of any reply you think best answers the question; simply click Yes

Thanks and have a great time in our community,


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