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Meeting for "gamer"kids

HI there

I have a 9 year old kid, who's sitting by his computers several hours every day playing all kind of games with his friends. When they play they talk to each other. In the beginning it was mobilphones, now it's a chromebook from school, but I'm not happy they use school computers. These computers are only for their disposition during this closed Corona time.

My question is: Can I install Teamviewer Meeting on my sons computer as well as his (gamer)friends computers. so they can talk and eventually see each other? And what is the price, if not for free.

Yours faithfully

Gert Larsen


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,145 Community Manager

    Hi Gert,

    That´s an interesting use case.

    Generally speaking, I´d say this should work and up to 5 kids can use TeamViewer Meeting together for free.

    I´ve never tested it myself when playing a game online, but I think depending on the computer's power and the internet connection it should work. At least it`s worth a test!

    Here you can check the features of the Meeting plans - also the free one, therefore I am sharing it here:

    I would love to hear back from you whether it worked! I think our product team too, right @RyanVonEss ?

    Best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • Wi5_gert
    Wi5_gert Posts: 2

    Hi Esther

    I very much appriciate your answer. Before I start make this installation of programs and apps, I need your answer here:

    Some games can be played on different computers (Ex. Pc, Playstation, X-box One, Playstation, Sega, Nintendo) with different OS. (Ex. Windows, Aos, Android). Besides os W10, Android and Aos (Apple) where apps allready is to find on your homepage, I'd like to know: Is it or will it be possibel in close future to buy software to gamer consoles?

    I could imagne some hardware like a cam with buildin mic, maybe wireless og headphones with TEAMVIEWER included ☺️

    The best for you too - Gert

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