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TeamViewer Germany GmbH, Bahnhofsplatz 2, 73033 Goeppingen, Germany, (“TeamViewer”) provides a Support Forum for web-based customer dialogue with the TeamViewer Community (hereinafter "TeamViewer Community"), which is technically operated by Vanilla Forums. The purpose of the TeamViewer Community is to assist users who have questions specifically regarding the products and services provided by TeamViewer and / or want to discuss issues that relate to the products or the company TeamViewer with another user. 

These Terms of Use for TeamViewer’s Community (“Terms of Use”), also referred to as the Code of Conduct, govern the relationship between the members of the TeamViewer Community and TeamViewer as the provider thereof. In addition to this, please also read and respect the User Guidelines for the TeamViewer Community.  

1. Membership 

Membership of the TeamViewer Community is free. Members need to be 18 years of age. Your membership begins with the registration of your chosen login data and the acceptance of these Terms of Use. The membership is not transferable, and only one membership per person is allowed.  

2. User Account 

You can freely choose your username and your user picture; in case you may upload one as part of the reward system. However, the username and user picture you select must not violate any applicable law, third-party rights, and/or these Terms of Use. 

The following limitations apply to the username and the posting of any pictures. 

It is prohibited to  

  1. use the name or image of another person; 
  2. use a name or post a picture that is protected by copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right; 
  3. use a name or an image or the rights of others, which might violate the rights of natural or legal persons; 
  4. use a name or an image that might provoke or hurt other members of the TeamViewer Community, or offensive usernames or pictures; 
  5. use a name that contains codes through which, e.g., members of an extremist scene can detect each other, even if the coded meaning of the username is not immediately obvious to outsiders. 

It is your responsibility to choose a password for your username and take all necessary measures to ensure its secrecy. You are responsible for the unauthorized use of your username by a third party.  

3. Content  

As a member, you have various opportunities to participate in the TeamViewer Community and post content such as texts, photos, videos, and other information, ask questions, provide feedback, and write answers within the TeamViewer Community (throughout this document  “Content”).    

The following rules for your participation apply: 

  1. Content must be related to the main theme of the TeamViewer Community on which the Content is to be published. 
  2. Content must reflect reality and must be factual and accurate. 
  3. Negative Content is permitted insofar as it is expressed objectively and based on facts. 
  4. Employees of TeamViewer may only post content about the company/products if they are transparent about their working relationship with TeamViewer. 

You may post Content only in a manner or for purposes that do not violate these Terms of Use or applicable law or the rights of third parties. You are, in particular, not permitted to post 

  1. e-mail addresses, URLs, or telephone numbers for the purpose of self-promotion; 
  2. pure advertising (hidden or open), especially but not limited to advertising of competitive products or unauthorized in-house advertising, such as contests, discounts, or special sales. 
  3. gossip through hearsay or unconfirmed statements of other persons or abusive criticism, libel, insults, lies, or false information; 
  4.  public display of private information, such as name, address, phone numbers, or email addresses, as well as passwords and any TeamViewer IDs; 
  5. racist, pornographic, obscene, libelous, immoral, and unlawful content, as well as Content (including links to websites) that can move others to criminal or otherwise immoral acts, that glorifies or trivializes violence, or interferes with children or young people in their development or upbringing or Content that is harmful to minors or may endanger or violate human dignity or other valued legally protected interests; 
  6. insulting or hurtful remarks, pejorative tags, threats against other members, providers, or third parties; 
  7. Content that may violate the right to informational self-determination of others; 
  8. copied Content to which you have no rights; 
  9. Content that poses a security risk, especially but not limited to viruses. 

TeamViewer expects you to always adhere to the User Guidelines for the TeamViewer Community. You are responsible for all Content that is distributed under your username. If you or a third party, while using your username, culpably violate these Terms of Use or applicable law, TeamViewer may take necessary measures. Severe violations under your username may result in temporary blocking or deletion of your access to TeamViewer Community or to termination without notice of your TeamViewer Community membership. 

4. Right of Use  

You grant TeamViewer the worldwide and temporally unlimited, non-exclusive right to use the Content connected with your selected username by posting content and/or with the transfer of your photos. Further, you grant TeamViewer the right to reproduce, distribute, make publicly accessible, make available on demand (online, access, and broadcasting rights), and archive your Content within the framework of the forum service and to include them in databases while respecting your personal rights. TeamViewer is entitled to modify the Content you provide insofar as this is necessary for the graphic representation or for editorial reasons. 

In addition, your Content in the TeamViewer Community may be published without specifying your username to other TeamViewer sites, in mobile TeamViewer applications as well as on social media channels operated by TeamViewer. The identification of your person is thus not possible. You have the right to object to the publication by sending an email to Community@teamviewer.com. In this case, TeamViewer reserves the right to delete your account. 

You ensure that you have all rights to the Content, in particular, that you are entitled to transfer these rights to TeamViewer as stated in these Terms of Use. You are responsible for ensuring that the persons depicted in the photos are of legal age and have consented to the upload themselves or have the corresponding consent of their legal guardians. 

5. Rewards  

TeamViewer rewards certain actions of TeamViewer Community members, including by way of so-called "badges" or certain “ranks”. The allocation rules for such rewards are determined unilaterally by TeamViewer and can be changed at any time at TeamViewer’s discretion. In that regard, there is no legal entitlement to such rewards. Improperly acquired rewards can and will be deleted by TeamViewer. 

6. Privacy 

To protect your privacy, you should not post or upload any personal information at any time. This applies, in particular, to your TeamViewer ID, passwords, or license information. Log files may only be shared with TeamViewer via the TeamViewer customer portal. Further information can be found in the General Privacy Notice by TeamViewer

7. TeamViewer’s Rights 

TeamViewer is not obligated to publish your Content. TeamViewer will decide on the publication or removal at its own editorial discretion. Moreover, in the case of photos, TeamViewer is not obliged to name the photographer. 

TeamViewer is entitled to block Content in the TeamViewer Community if there is a reasonable suspicion that this Content has violated applicable regulations or these Terms of Use. TeamViewer reserves the right to consider, alter, or delete Content at its sole discretion.  

TeamViewer is also entitled to monitor and rate the Content of members. In that regard, TeamViewer is e.g. entitled to rate Content from members who contributed a larger number of reviews, higher than content of members who contributed a smaller number of reviews. The same applies to feedback from members, which is rated positively by other members. 

TeamViewer reserves the right to continuously use and make publicly available such Content that you have made public as a member (such as posts, events, and comments) even after the deletion of your user account and without specifying the username and the information that the user has now been deleted. This only applies to Content that you have not removed before the deletion of your account. 

In case of an abuse of your username or password, and in particular, in case of an infringement of sections 2 and/or 3, TeamViewer may take the necessary measures to suspend or close the relevant member account or restrict access to the TeamViewer Community temporarily or permanently. 

TeamViewer is authorized to assist criminal or public law enforcement and regulatory agencies in their investigations of the suspected infringement without being obligated to check the legitimacy of such inquiries or requests for information. 

TeamViewer reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time and without giving reasons. TeamViewer will inform you at least one month prior to any major change of these Terms of Use on the TeamViewer Community homepage under About this community. Your consent to amendments shall be deemed granted if you have not objected to the changes within one month of its release. 

8. Termination or Cancellation of Your Account 

You are entitled to terminate your membership at any time without notice. To delete your account, you must send a private message to a Community Moderator in the TeamViewer Community and request the deletion of your account. TeamViewer is entitled to delete your account according to its retention policy. 

TeamViewer has the right to terminate your TeamViewer Community membership without notice if you violate these Terms of Use. In that case, you can log in to TeamViewer again only with the express consent of TeamViewer.  

Members are not allowed to enable the use of TeamViewer to former members whose membership has been terminated without notice.  

Your right to cancel your membership for good cause is unaffected by these Terms of Use.

9. Liability 

TeamViewer and its employees and agents shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the use of the TeamViewer Community. TeamViewer’s entire liability regarding any claim and for any legal reason in connection with this Agreement shall not exceed the typical, foreseeable damage. This limitation of liability shall not apply in case 

  1. the damage was caused deliberately or through gross negligence; 
  2. the defect was fraudulently concealed; 
  3. of an essential contractual obligation (cardinal obligation); 
  4. of a warranty; 
  5. of the loss of life, limb, or health; 
  6. of liability under the Product Liability Act.  

TeamViewer shall only be liable for the loss of data under the above conditions if you have backed up your data in an appropriate manner and form with regard to the application intervals so that they can be recovered with reasonable effort. TeamViewer only provides a platform to third party content and does not make this third-party content its own. Therefore, TeamViewer is not obligated to and shall not agree to nor take up a position or even edit this third-party content. The responsibility for third-party content lies solely with the respective provider or the member who has put this content on the TeamViewer Community. If TeamViewer, however, becomes aware that third-party content violated these Terms of Use, it will respond appropriately in accordance with these Terms of Use.  

In case of a culpable violation of these Terms, you shall hold TeamViewer harmless from all damages, including the costs of legal defense, at the level of fees incurred by law. Evidence that no or less than the TeamViewer alleged damage has occurred remains unaffected. 

If a third party asserts claims against TeamViewer due to the setting of Content by you and/or the upload and/or the recovery of photos (in particular due to the violation of personal rights, copyrights, trademark rights, or neighboring rights), you are obliged to indemnify and hold TeamViewer harmless regarding any damages which TeamViewer suffers due to this. Evidence that no or less than the TeamViewer alleged damage has occurred remains unaffected. 

10. Contact Information and Reporting  

If you notice or suspect that posts or other content in the TeamViewer Community violate these Terms of Use and/or applicable laws and regulations, e.g., if you consider them to be illegal, please contact TeamViewer via the whistleblowing & reporting channel Speak Up!. TeamViewer will deal with incoming complaints and reports in accordance with the rules of procedure set out in Speak Up!. 

If you want to report individual posts directly, you can also use the flag function under the respective post in the TeamViewer Community. For complaints against moderator decisions or if you want to contact a moderator about the content or use of the TeamViewer Community, please use  

TeamViewer Germany GmbH 

Bahnhofsplatz 2 

73033 Göppingen 


Phone: + 49 7161 60692 50 

Fax: +49 7161 60692 79 

E-Mail: community@teamviewer.com 

For all other questions, especially regarding TeamViewer products and services, please contact TeamViewer Customer Support only. 

11. Final Provisions 

Any dispute arising in connection with the use of the Support Forum, including contractual rights and obligations, the validity of the contract, and tort claims, shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be in Stuttgart, Germany. 

If any provision of these Terms is found partly or wholly illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect. A waiver of any breach or default under these Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver of any other subsequent breach or default. 

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