Showing Video/Audio during Meeting (no Audio)

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Last Meeting I tried to show a Youtube video for training purposes.

Unfortunately the audio was not transfered to/heard by the particpants, despite the following settings:

("Share sound and Music")

Who can help? What has to be done to transmit the audio also?

Thanks in advance, Stefan


  • Asrath
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    That's also my problem. I use the Mac version though, and there I don't even see such an option.

  • RWB_St
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    @JeanK: can you help?

  • wjkjr
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    I contacted Teamviewer Meeting and the tech person and I worked on the issue I was having. I was trying to present a mp4 file to my participants. I could play the video and everyone could see the video portion but not the audio. Turns out your Teamview settings under the Remote software must match each other. We tested the participant side of Windows PC, Iphone and Imac successfully. Android devices failed. It was determined the problem with Android is a bug that needs to be fixed. The tech said She would submit a ticket to the developers to fix. In order for your participants to hear the audio you must go to the audio settings and check the box "Share computer sounds and music". This should allow all participants except android to hear. Also you must be sure to mute the microphones of all participants including your own while playing a video. I would suggest if you have any trouble with Teamview Meeting that you use the phone and talk to a support person as you will get faster answers than using this forum. Hope this helps.

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    @wjkjr: Thanks a lot. I was already thinking i'm alone here :-)

    Have a nice day, Stefan