Meeting keeps opening up Outlook.

DebSam Posts: 1
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Windows 10 Pro, Teamviewer Version 15.14.5

I don't use Outlook as my main mail client but I need to have it on my PC. Whenever I create a new meeting and go to Invite, it keeps opening Outlook.

I have searched in the Community and followed all of the instruction posted so far

  • I have removed the Teamviewer Add-In from Outlook Trust Center
  • I have set the default mail client program as Thunderbird

But every time I select Invite from Meeting, it starts Outlook and adds the Teamviewer Add-In back onto Outlook.

How can I stop this happening? It's fine if you haven't got an add-in for Thunderbird yet (although one would be nice) but surely, you should be able to open the Invite so that we can copy and paste it without opening Outlook.


  • Michael2701
    Michael2701 Posts: 1

    TeamViewer Version 15.18.5 / Windows 10 Home

    I am facing exactly the same problem.

    I tried all obvious settings (including correct default mail client in Windows (thunderbird) and deactivating/removing TeamViewer's Outlook AddIn) to get rid of Outlook as default mail client, but w/o success yet.

    This is really annoying. Is there any workaround solution known in the community?