SDK best practice to manage sensors and metrics in C application

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Hello, I'm quite new to TV IoT.

I have a Qt/C++ application running on Ubuntu, as frontend for an embedded device. I planned to setup several devices of the same type, for testing purpose.

I would like to use C SDK to push some values (eg software serial number, software version....) for each device. Very easy.

What is the best way to do that? Is it ok to list available sensors and metrics, and 'connect' to them, when application starts?

I also need to create sensors and metrics at runtime, if needed (just SendMetricValues example does). I don't want to use web TV IoT interface to create them for each device.

Thanks in advance.




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    Hello @P_Cap

    Yes, it is ok to list available sensors when application starts´.

    It is not mandatory to use the web interface to create sensors, is also can be done using SendMetricValues (just SendMetricValues example does)



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    Hello @mircea_c , and thanks for the quick reply.

    Well, I will provide my app with a 'iot-setup' process to create all sensors and metrics I need (from skratch, via SDK). I will store the Ids, so I can use them to send all the information.

    Any other suggestion is appreciated 🙂

    Best regards