Devices not showing even though Malwarebytes is installed on endpoints



So I have a trial running of endpoint protection. I have deployed endpoint protection via the TV Management console to 14 devices.

Manually checking each of these 14 devices, the MalwareBytes agent has installed and is running fine.

On the endpoint protection dashboard, it confirms that 14/50 workstations are active, however if I click on the devices tab, only 3 devices are listed.

Could anyone advise if I am doing something wrong here please?

Many thanks


  • DonkeyMcPunch
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    i have the same issues as well. No word from support. its been a week so far

  • SA_dcooper
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    This has been happening with our installs for the last few months as well. From what I can tell, it seems to be profile related. I just started noticing that I will install the endpoint and see it download updates and functioning also showing activated in the console. However if I login as a different user it stops registering even though it is installed. It won't let you re-activate because it says it is already installed. We have had to use this:

    "Thank you for contacting TeamViewer.

    It seems there is a conflict with the registry keys for the previous antivirus on this device or a conflicted activation of Endpoint Protection.

    We have a new cleanup tool that will remove this registry keys leftover in the device that could fix the issue.

    1. Please uninstall Endpoint protection from the Management console for that endpoint (if it shows installed)

    If not go next step

    2. On the target machine remove the TeamViewer account assignment

    TeamViewer | Extras | options | general | Account assignment | remove account assignment

    3. Please download and run the following cleanup tool as an administrator:

    This tool will clean any remaining file for TeamViewer EndPoint protection which will remove the

    existing conflicts.

    4. Reboot the device

    5. Assign the machine back to your account

    TeamViewer | Extras | options | general | Account assignment | assign to an account

    6. Install Endpoint protection one more time

    Please let us know how it works after this or if you have further questions."

    Shouldn't have to do this, not sure what's going on with Endpoint.

  • CitySpaces
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    What do we do if we are mac-based? I have multiple users with the old TeamViewer EndPoint Protection apparently running, but we have changed over to the TeamViewer MalwareBytes version (see screenshot).

    We want the old EndPoint GONE and while we can force quit it, we cannot get it into the Trash fast enough from Applications to empty the trash before it starts up again on its own!