IOT Two devices!! Teamviewer changed conditions

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I tried to connect another Synology NAS to Teamviewer but the password is not accepted, after some research i found out that Teamviewer changed some conditions. Only two free licenses, we have allmost 40 devices connected! It used to be free and now only two devices!

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    Hi @ewieldra

    As a side product for making IoT devices accessible to you through their web interface, we also quickly thought about how this could work for enabling remote support. So, we dug into the code and ported our IoT Remote AppControl solution to Synology NAS boxes, making it possible to access these devices from anywhere! NAS devices are part of the network, and we use different grabbing methods to display the web interface of the device. The support is significantly different and enhanced to the existing remote control used on desktop side therefore we implemented a licensing that is more compatible with the operation on network devices with stripped-down operating system and different CPU architectures and recognized as a different product category.

    To support you more, the first two devices are free of charge. For adding more devices or to get more information please go here 


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