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Can´t convert my recordings ?.


Im giving an online course so i decided updating to "crew". Once i finish my classes i need to save them and send the recordings to an online platform, so the students can review the lessons but not download.

To proceed to convert my files to a "normal" format i open the .blz and click "convert" button. I patienly wait for...3 hours maybe, for each file and finally i have an AVI file i can't open in any of my usual video software.

I have tried and mixed almost every codec and resolution combination but i am not able to open the file once is converted into AVI. I click the file and the best combination only gets that i can hear the sound but not the image.

My questions: Any free codec pack to fix this? Why this strange way of making life a little harder with only .blz format? Any blizz update coming next where you can choose another more worldwide format? any easy and faster solution? I thought i could give my classes with Blizz so i updated to "crew" but if there is not an easy solution i feel sorry but i will have to finish my suscription.