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How to use TV API or Mgmt Console to check if Easy Access was enabled on a device.

prax Posts: 2 ✭✭

Hi Teamviewer Support,

As a part of validation tests in manufacturing and on-field diagnostics, we would like use a Teamviewer API to check a Easy Access is enabled on a target device.

We already have an application which uses TV APIs to perform other validation checks.

In the API v1 reference manual, we did not see any API to check if Easy Access is enabled on a device. Was it an oversight or is there an API to check Easy Access?

We did notice an API to assign Easy Access on a device (/api/v1/devices/assign.) However, this is not of much interest to us because our current system provisioning sequence enables Easy Access manually via Extras -> Options -> Security -> Grant Easy Access.

Btw, each of our devices is assigned to a Group which has a Policy. And the device is setup to login with a User Account with the right set of privileges, thereby enabling multiple users belonging to that Group to remotely access the system on-demand.

Please let us know what's the best way to check if Easy Access was enabled on a device, without having to remotely login to that device.




  • prax
    prax Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Hello, does any one have any suggestions on this topic?