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How to find my TeamViewer API TOKEN

We are about to deploy a TeamViewer msi host package and we would like it to automatically asign the name of the computer it is installed to TeamViewer, that way we will save a lot of time setting up TeamViewer. Taking a look at TeamViewer web page (this one in particular: we decided to test this installation method:

msiexec.exe /i "Path\To\TeamViewer_Host.msi" /qn APITOKEN=<YOUR_APITOKEN> ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--alias %COMPUTERNAME%"

As you can see, it asks for a parameter named APITOKEN. Since we do not know our APITOKEN, we have done a research around Internet but found no way of obtaining it. Can anyone help us, please?

Best regards,

Francisco Verdú López



  • PHXVision
    PHXVision Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Log-in to your TeamViewer account and go to the

    TeamViewer Management Console

    Go to: Profile -> Apps you should be able to ADD an API token for this specific purpose, by clicking on Create App or Create Script Token